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Sure Demotivational Poster


TAGS: reprint of a classic diatribe from cheers for your enjoyment pleasure
Rating: 4.25/5

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Thedge - September 1, 2014, 12:58 am
Tried the alibi. DID NOT WORK ! Wife said, Norm's a moron! No argument available to counter.
BoneCD - December 16, 2009, 12:39 am
Thanks Space
spacedog - December 15, 2009, 6:31 pm
Excellent Bone! 5Ls.
BoneCD - December 15, 2009, 3:14 pm
My pleasure Mr. C
CANADA - December 15, 2009, 3:13 pm
LMAO! another perfect poster Bone!
BoneCD - December 15, 2009, 2:48 pm
Bovee - December 15, 2009, 2:32 pm
Great poster man, i was more going for the Ron Burgandy "its Science" but that works to.
GreyScorpion - December 15, 2009, 2:26 pm
I'll drink to that!!... 5 frosty cold ones!!
BoneCD - December 15, 2009, 2:20 pm
Thanks Bovee, now that song is never going to leave my head
Bovee - December 15, 2009, 2:10 pm
Its Science.

DEADPOOL - His secret ingredient is love. ~ Just kidding, it's napalm.

TAGS: remember kids it takes a lot of energy to keep up with deadpool so be sure to eat all seventeen courses of your breakfast assignment for december 13 smells
Rating: 3.94/5

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K0rNb4LL - February 15, 2013, 2:32 am
For those that don't know him also keep in mind that Deadpool is clinically insane and does crazy stuff like what is in the pic almost every opportunity he can. He's gotten really popular lately.
BoneCD - December 13, 2009, 10:26 pm
mp Mr. C
CANADA - December 13, 2009, 10:24 pm
Thanks Bone!
BoneCD - December 13, 2009, 10:17 pm
"Deadpool" (one word) is super hero - "Dead Pool" (two words) for betting on who is going to die next.
BoneCD - December 13, 2009, 10:15 pm
Some kind of marvel super hero...but those of that are betting kinda guys refer to the "Dead Pool" as a list of names were we bet on who's going to die next - mostly celebs. What?!? Never heard?
CANADA - December 13, 2009, 10:10 pm
i may have asked this before but whats dead pool?


TAGS: yeah you have those kinds of crabs sure
Rating: 4.2/5

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TheTrashHeap - February 16, 2010, 12:01 am
"CRABS"..... get it?
Cloudchaser - February 15, 2010, 11:57 pm
Good one, though a spider would have been creepier


TAGS: pzy grave robbing treasure hunt
Rating: 4.9/5

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Hinoron - December 4, 2015, 3:52 pm
I have never thought of that... but the folks with the biggest headstones were probably buried with the most jewelry. Hmm... This feels like knowledge I should not have. :/
boinger - September 20, 2011, 5:46 pm
Robert 1959...Robert 1959 BINGO!
Reality Lord - September 19, 2011, 1:42 pm

deviantly epic
mariand - September 18, 2011, 1:33 pm
my vote goes for pzy...

1987 - Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards 16 color EGA graphics was HOT!

TAGS: leisure suit larry land lounge lizards 1987 ega graphics eve rnr
Rating: 3.17/5

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Anakun - August 27, 2008, 10:19 am
1987 computer porn... FAP FAP FAP oh wait it is 2008. Google search "Two Girls one Cup!"

THE ASSAULT MUG - You do not stand a chance, annihilation is assured

TAGS: assaut mug annihilation assured
Rating: 4.39/5

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tomyironmane - July 26, 2013, 2:58 pm
bah! I hate quadrails! Give it a threaded muzzle for a drink spill suppressor, lose the M1913 rails and give it a good quality knuckle-duster style handle and THEN we'll talk assault mug.


TAGS: corruption politics std hidden exposure
Rating: 5/5

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EmilioDumphque - August 14, 2014, 5:27 pm
What the ache eee double toothpicks did I say??
Reality Lord - August 4, 2014, 12:09 am

(ADMIN EDIT) This comment has been DELETED in violation of site rules. Keep it civil or you will be banned. This is a warning.
EmilioDumphque - August 3, 2014, 4:59 pm
(ADMIN EDIT) This comment has been DELETED in violation of site rules. Keep it civil or you will be banned. This is a warning.


PEER PRESSURE - If these are your friends, and all your friends jump off a bridge... FOLLOW THEM

TAGS: peer pressure jump with them
Rating: 4.68/5

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boinger - April 13, 2011, 2:43 pm
look at the guy with the receeding hairline! I think he freaked-out his hair
Wolfe - April 10, 2011, 2:19 am
Elvis has DEFINATELY left the building!
motinet - April 9, 2011, 7:58 am

Those guys are totally not conformist

INSPIRATION - The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others say you cannot do.

TAGS: pleasure great life
Rating: 5/5

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Cloudchaser - June 23, 2011, 2:25 am
Looks like someone tried to assemble their new puppy without directions.

A PIRATE'S LIFE - No longer is all about Swashbuckling and Treasure !!

PROTECTION!? - I got a F#CKING Gundam! ...literally...

TAGS: gundam brand extends and is ribbed for your pleasure
Rating: 3.36/5

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Bartimaeus - February 23, 2010, 12:36 am
Bartimaeus - February 23, 2010, 12:29 am
I know you guys hate this theme, lol, but I saw this and had to make a poster. The phallic imagery kills me. Look at there heads!


TAGS: photo old age treasure
Rating: 4.8/5

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Dill - April 6, 2011, 1:40 am
Neener - October 28, 2010, 10:26 pm
Reality Lord - August 21, 2010, 8:19 pm


AN EVENING SHE WILL TREASURE - The simple things with heartfelt thought behind them are often the most cherished. Owning a Private Beach probably helped too.

WHEN YOU HAVE A LORD OF THE RINGS WEDDING - Keep an eye on Gandalf... I don't trust that guy

TAGS: make sure you know which ring is which
Rating: 3/5

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emsilent - May 9, 2010, 12:20 am
i dont trust gandalf either


TAGS: schadenfreude pleasure misfortune winter snow
Rating: 4.48/5

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CANADA - February 7, 2011, 1:17 pm
snowing all weekend? we get that much over night sometimes



TAGS: radiation exposure japan them
Rating: 4.35/5

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Nagard - March 16, 2011, 10:43 am
You could say that... Apparently they also got problems in 3 different nuclear power plants and also in the most famous one there are 3 reactors going straight for the meltdown...
Nacht - March 15, 2011, 3:25 pm
Hopefully the old adage of bad luck coming in 3 is accurate this time. The last thing they need is more.


TAGS: sept 28th i m sure the military has lots of beautiful women but i doubt they look like this in the field
Rating: 3.64/5

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Derek - October 21, 2009, 11:37 pm
She looks very much like Porcelina
Agnostic - September 29, 2009, 12:20 am
Bob D. Sailor - September 28, 2009, 7:59 pm
What country is that from?

A FAITHFUL FRIEND - Is Always Better Any Treasure of the World ... ... So Never Let Go Of Them

TAGS: faithful friend treasure world
Rating: 4.26/5

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Rick69 - January 20, 2012, 5:48 pm
Oh Dang! ... I only just realised I forgot *than* ... >_
crankyhead - January 20, 2012, 5:33 pm
Look Mooo+, just because I struggle with my weight doesn't give you free licence to call me "inflatable"... oh wait, I read that wrong, carry on. =)
Mooooooooooooooooooo - January 20, 2012, 10:02 am
the moderators aren't perfect (except Crankyhead, he's infallible and super sexy) Everyone makes mistakes, it's best to just roll with it.
axe11154 - January 20, 2012, 8:15 am
I like it but I sorta hate it when my poster is not poster for grammer. then some one elce with a similer mistake gets posted. I just dont get the mods
Rick69 - January 19, 2012, 2:20 pm
More gratitude... :)
maoworks2 - January 19, 2012, 8:25 am
More Good Stuff !

one man's junk -

TAGS: treasure
Rating: 5/5

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Reality Lord - March 3, 2016, 8:51 am

nevermind...pre-coffee ....argh. lol
Reality Lord - March 3, 2016, 8:46 am

concern3 - March 3, 2016, 7:11 am
very funny, up yours
mizzdizz - March 2, 2016, 7:56 pm
I was wondering---- chuckle,chuckle---^!

SUICIDE NOTES - Why can't they all be this fun?

TAGS: funny suicide treasure hunt
Rating: 4.64/5

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5150monkeylove - October 27, 2011, 5:32 pm
Damn good, 5L

LESLIE NIELSEN - Surely he can't be dead!

TAGS: leslie nielson hero shirley surely
Rating: 4.59/5

More motifakes by crazyman

smithvader - November 29, 2010, 4:50 pm
He is dead; and don't call me Shirley.



TAGS: sure just dont kill me if my hand slips once or twice assignment for january 1 power girl
Rating: 3.75/5

More motifakes by Briton of Rose

DavidEdwardMartin - March 15, 2012, 10:08 pm
That's a nice Power Girl portrait. Who's the artist?
Produceman117 - January 1, 2010, 6:03 am
Nah, I'm busy. Fapping. 5Ls.


SIMPLE PLEASURES - Tis better than riches to scratch where it itches with no regard as to whom may see.

TAGS: pleasures itches places
Rating: 4.53/5

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GaryO - June 15, 2012, 6:45 am


TRUE... BUT, - It sure sounds like more fun!



TAGS: smoking pleasure vice mariand
Rating: 4.54/5

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CloudchaserS - March 1, 2013, 1:28 am
Having been there, I know the feeling. Quit 10 years ago, backslid once, smoked only one, felt sick for hours.


TAGS: phallusy falacy women measurements donk
Rating: 4.4/5

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Donkasaurus - January 24, 2011, 11:41 pm
Thank you Spacedog, and jameswnash.
jameswnash - January 24, 2011, 10:07 pm
Nice way to revive a classic joke!5L's
spacedog - January 24, 2011, 6:25 pm

CONFIDENCE - "No matter what a woman looks like, if she's confident, she's sexy."-Paris Hilton



TAGS: demotivational motivational not sure
Rating: 4.71/5

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flint - September 6, 2010, 5:49 pm
short & very sweet... 5L
deadluvva - September 6, 2010, 8:09 am
Superb indeed.
rerun - September 5, 2010, 6:42 pm



TAGS: advice pressure elephant
Rating: 3.61/5

More motifakes by ronsart

Hmmm... - April 22, 2009, 7:47 pm
Is this a Republican joke?

METRIC SYSTEM - I refuse to settle for simplicity! Now, how many feet are in a freakin' mile?!

TAGS: metric math system feet measurement
Rating: 3.53/5

More motifakes by kyleman79

Airman - December 29, 2011, 3:23 pm
ummm.. 5,280


TAGS: leisure time see you later honey off to the legion
Rating: 3.24/5

More motifakes by Sean

Sean - May 28, 2009, 7:50 pm
Thanks, considered Workmanship as a title but MWLF's contribution to the Bulgy Challenge (Text: Pride & Craftsmanship (But mostly pride)) made Craftsmanship too funny to pass up.
agdaniele - May 28, 2009, 7:44 pm
Great workmanship.
Sean - May 28, 2009, 6:23 pm
I used real duct tape on the text. Did to.

R e s o l v e -

and it's one two three what are we fighting for? -

TAGS: vietnam not sure who saidthis
Rating: 5/5

More motifakes by Airman

Airman - July 7, 2013, 3:40 pm
thx RL.. I could not remember who said it.. a common problem these days
lgvernon - July 6, 2013, 9:42 pm

I really love this one!~
Reality Lord - July 6, 2013, 10:38 am

edward r murrow quote. one of many that great man gave us.


TAGS: butt closure mistagged merchandise humor
Rating: 5/5

More motifakes by lgvernon

MindBenda - March 15, 2012, 7:12 am
I saw the waterproof part first and almost spit coffee everywhere. Good job. 5 sta... poodles.
carebear - March 14, 2012, 8:52 pm
(carebear BANNED)

SURE - the Grand Canyon may be breathtaking but so is lung cancer.

TAGS: sure
Rating: 4.71/5

More motifakes by NoBodyZ

HELLZANGEL - January 23, 2011, 5:20 pm
Sho - January 12, 2011, 5:19 pm
Lol xD
tellitlikeitis - January 12, 2011, 7:00 am
Good poster for the Cancer Society.

DECISIONS - Some have to be made quickly

TAGS: no pressure
Rating: 4/5

More motifakes by Airman

agdaniele - December 9, 2009, 7:18 pm
Not quickly enough if the cameraman shot first!
Derek - December 9, 2009, 5:45 pm
Unfortunately so.

HAPPY NEW YEAR - I've brought something bouncy and something bubbly for all the Greybeards!

TAGS: january challenge power girl sure knows how to shake us up
Rating: 3.64/5

More motifakes by LogicDude

GuinnessTroll - February 1, 2010, 3:18 pm
That's super...err, they are Power Full.
phydeaux - December 31, 2009, 9:20 pm
And THAT, Sir LogicDude, is a FINE picture/sentiment and gift. 5L for you Sir!

OCD IS A BONUS FOR A CHEF - Insures your plate presentation is perfect! (Now where did the grey one go?)

TAGS: insures your plate presentation is perfect
Rating: 3.6/5

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Chef - May 18, 2010, 9:55 pm
You mean you wouldn't order it in my restaurant? Sniff... And it was a tribute...
GreyScorpion - May 18, 2010, 8:39 pm


TAGS: shocker pleasure cubbybear technique
Rating: 3.41/5

More motifakes by ronsart

glassdaemon - April 5, 2011, 8:34 pm
I will break his flippin pinky.... especially the ones that are so defensive about their own rear. >.>



TAGS: guilty pleasures day teenage angst abba iceman
Rating: 4.72/5

More motifakes by ICEMAN

Tarapin - May 1, 2011, 7:10 pm
Nothin guilty about that pleasure. A&A were hotties! Five horny lions here.
agdaniele - January 14, 2011, 1:15 am
Winner takes it all! (well, he takes 5 lions, anyhow... and not in a gay way)
Cubbybear - January 14, 2011, 1:10 am
Mamma Mia! What a poster...5L

MONEY IS - ... a very close second.

PROGRESS - It's a big step forward from "B*tch lose some weight!"

TAGS: scales with freaky measurement units
Rating: 4.63/5

More motifakes by the1stCOMMI3

GreyScorpion - October 1, 2010, 7:44 pm
and if SHE has feet like that, you better run

DUTY OR PLEASURE - Really now let's be serious, was there really ever any question ?

FRIDAY NIGHT - With a freshly Windexed helmet, MWLF goes hunting "I leave for the moon tomorrow...and I may not ever make it back. Wanna do it?"

TAGS: just be sure he wraps his pocket rocket before reentry
Rating: 4.36/5

More motifakes by LogicDude

Bartimaeus - January 8, 2010, 1:55 am
I already got that from the paint chips. 5/5
Sean - December 18, 2009, 10:56 pm
This is wonderfu-- errr, I mean uhmmm, oh dammit, it's fucking wonderful. There. I said it. And if you mock me for that LD 'll plug ya full of led. 5.
spacedog - December 18, 2009, 6:50 pm
LMAO! 5+ LogicDude.
Motifake Wit Liberation F - December 18, 2009, 4:18 pm
You're giving my secrets away!!!
GreyScorpion - December 18, 2009, 9:26 am
MWLF is smooth like a morning lake, 5 VHF antenna's


TAGS: make sure your drunk enough to pee on the fire
Rating: 4.33/5

More motifakes by Faceplant31

GreyScorpion - April 28, 2010, 8:10 pm
Very Nice FacePaint!! Great Pic support. I had to look the word up to see if you spelled it right :) 5L

HEAVEN AND HELL - The Ability To Taunt, Tease and Please All In The Same Package

POETIC JUSTICE - Mrs Jones would never cheat again after that big guy from the gym turned out to be Greek in more ways than one

TAGS: pleasure pain
Rating: 4.17/5

More motifakes by RandomPixilator

RandomPixilator - December 20, 2010, 6:37 pm
Hairy. Hummus breath. Penchant for buggery. Doesn't get nastier than that
Sean - December 20, 2010, 6:10 pm
Humus breath? Cuz THAT would be nasty.
SunnyDay - December 20, 2010, 3:40 pm
funny 5L


TAGS: opression law religion pleasure mother
Rating: 4.11/5

More motifakes by agdaniele

spacedog - August 1, 2010, 5:18 pm
LMAO! BBQ and tenderizer. 5L

TRUELY THANKFUL - for what I'm about to receive


TAGS: i m not sure which charity it was this year
Rating: 3.67/5

More motifakes by BoneCD

rerun - January 10, 2010, 4:40 pm

Can I be the one in pink? It really would be nice to have a flat stomach again.
Porcelina - January 10, 2010, 12:33 pm
Lol yes. actually, it saddens me that a bunch of the old members either don't post anymore, or post rarely :(
GreyScorpion - January 10, 2010, 12:30 pm
ReRun and Roamer?
Porcelina - January 10, 2010, 12:27 pm
Erecrottod- I'm sorry, I must have missed your significant contribution to anything. Hrm. There is something special, actually. Two of the "woman of motifake" were some of the original members from before it got huge. Go an hero, plox, thanks
Claire - January 10, 2010, 11:51 am
Not to mention the women of Motifake. We will kick your ass. Also, Erecrottod, maybe you should visit the forums. Today has been dedicated to us in the poster calender.
phydeaux - January 10, 2010, 11:11 am
Dude..totally flirting with the banhammer...
Erecrottod - January 10, 2010, 10:40 am
The "Women of Motifake" meme is really gettin' boring. Women of Motifake have nothing - I repeat for you dumba*s: NOTHING - special. Unless you consider "special" to have nothing special. Maybe someday you'll understand. It shall be a great day for you.

BOY, THE WATER'S COLD - yea, deep too

TAGS: not sure
Rating: 3.62/5

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PLEASURE - where is that altar boy again?

TAGS: pleasure
Rating: 3.42/5

More motifakes by elf25s


TAGS: sure don t want to make the same mistake twice
Rating: 3.38/5

More motifakes by BoneCD

Sean - November 12, 2009, 2:34 am
That's beuatiful Bone, and it gives me the chance to utter a linguistic first: That dudes pussy is nicer that her pussy. *bows*
spacedog - November 11, 2009, 8:39 pm
LOL! 5Ls
agdaniele - November 11, 2009, 8:38 pm


TAGS: for your viewing pleasure
Rating: 3.37/5

More motifakes by BoneCD

motifake - July 13, 2010, 12:36 am

Sooo so wrong


TAGS: sure she s scary but probably has a nice personality
Rating: 3.33/5

More motifakes by sickartist

Treehodger - March 13, 2010, 4:09 pm
She looks like this one guy I know. No, that was not a joke. I know a guy that looks like her. Scary.



NEED A VACATION? - Might I suggest the West Midlands? The weather may suck but the women there are apparently veeeeery easy.

TAGS: october challenge drunk women are a sure thing sometimes
Rating: 3.07/5

More motifakes by LogicDude

Nelinio - January 21, 2010, 7:13 pm
May I suggest you ACTUALLY try Northumberland. It started twice as high as the West Midlands and still managed a nearly 50% INCREASE to more than twice any other area in total
shotokishi - October 27, 2009, 7:13 pm
I used to live there
bevhillsreborn - October 26, 2009, 6:57 pm
sex is legal at 16 there, I know, I met someone from there before, nice lady.
Dude 4515 - October 26, 2009, 4:29 pm
I humbly bow before your wisdom. I also thank you for your sage advice. see you in the west Midlands

MEDICATED - And absolutely fabulous !!!

TAGS: medicated absolutely fabulos pills pleasure
Rating: 3/5

More motifakes by Budog

WAITINGMEDS - January 26, 2012, 3:12 pm
love it...since it is really my pic :)

A FAIRY TRUTH - "Can't wait for the effect to set in, are you sure you gave her the right apple?"

TAGS: can t wait for the effect to set in are you sure you gave her the right apple
Rating: 2.7/5

More motifakes by lesterinside

agdaniele - February 15, 2010, 9:34 pm

Peer Pressure -

Comfort Runs Out -


TAGS: monkey business self pleasure alone
Rating: 5/5

More motifakes by 5150monkeylove

spacedog - June 7, 2013, 5:46 pm

Simple Pleasures -


TAGS: dentist pleasure
Rating: 5/5

More motifakes by Greeny

ughomer - January 9, 2013, 8:37 pm
Poor kid for 2 reasons: 1) this looks awfully painful; 2) he looks like Beaver Cleaver.
Silverheart - January 9, 2013, 8:18 pm

Brilliant! I lol'd and wtf'd at the same time. 5 squeaky Lions!

deep thoughts -

TAGS: pretty sure
Rating: 4.93/5

More motifakes by GaryO

Break Time at the Factory -


TAGS: ufo disclosure calendar airman pitstop
Rating: 4.88/5

More motifakes by Greeny

mariand - February 29, 2012, 4:49 pm
just amsome...
maoworks2 - February 29, 2012, 12:48 pm
Take A Deep Breath.

who was your first pet -

TAGS: pressure
Rating: 4.86/5

More motifakes by Airman


Success -

Blood Boiling -

Google Maps Error -

TAGS: congress russia ukraine alsaka insured
Rating: 4.64/5

More motifakes by Ism

GaryO - September 4, 2014, 7:32 pm
Man, I've missed my daily Moti-news


INDECENT EXPOSURE - Automobile Style


TAGS: she sure likes her booze
Rating: 4.4/5

More motifakes by culos

agdaniele - August 24, 2010, 9:12 pm
That must've been my second round of Guinness... I don't recall ordering drinks for anyone else.
pzykosiz - August 24, 2010, 9:08 pm
Zook - August 24, 2010, 7:38 pm
is she that ugly, or is he?

SIMPLE PLEASURES - They're the best.


TAGS: treasure
Rating: 4.24/5

More motifakes by rerun


TAGS: effort leisure ambition sloth
Rating: 4.2/5

More motifakes by steve1961

motifayk - June 30, 2012, 12:56 pm
An Effortless E for Effort ..
steve1961 - June 29, 2012, 2:19 pm
Thanks to you both for making the effort to comment on my poster and thanks for the multiple lions
spacedog - June 29, 2012, 2:15 pm
LOL! I'd love to give this one the brown ribbon of participation, but it's too damn clever. 5L
ughomer - June 29, 2012, 1:13 pm

THE KARDASHIANS - First Reggie wins the Super Bowl then Lamar wins the NBA championship, It's obvious these women help motivate their men to be Champions.

TAGS: but that scott guy sure is a bum
Rating: 4.05/5

More motifakes by deadraisin

valkor - January 24, 2013, 3:50 am
Motivate to be champions ? More likely that publicity equals success.
eldiabloloco - October 8, 2010, 4:49 pm
Yah they maybe royal PITA's, and i agree with your rerun, but hell i would tap any one of them just to be able to say i did.
rerun - June 18, 2010, 5:48 pm

Hate the "K" sisters, now Jessica I would in a hearbeat
Faceplant31 - June 18, 2010, 4:40 pm
Yea.... thats what i meant. I swear.
R.S.Jake - June 18, 2010, 4:37 pm
Yeah, with rags and duct tape!
Faceplant31 - June 18, 2010, 4:36 pm
Well thats why you just make sure to fill it for them Jake.
R.S.Jake - June 18, 2010, 4:32 pm
Nope, can't stand them! I also can't stand Jessica Simpson. Don't get me wrong, I'd shag them all rotten if given the chance, as long as they didn't open thier pie holes!
ThatGuy - June 18, 2010, 4:23 pm
Why am I the only man in the world who thinks they are all funny looking and annoying?


TAGS: were sure you will do fine pssst aggy hide the mop and pail
Rating: 3.92/5

More motifakes by TheTrashHeap

ICEMAN - November 5, 2010, 11:58 pm
Keep your coc......... Ummm, just keep those rings to yourself.
5150monkeylove - November 5, 2010, 11:56 pm
if you dont have the super secret squirrel decoder ring, you arent privy to all the secrets
ICEMAN - November 5, 2010, 11:55 pm
And you know this because?????????
5150monkeylove - November 5, 2010, 11:53 pm
at least he isnt "in heat"
ICEMAN - November 5, 2010, 11:52 pm
It's that damn tongue of yours, bitch.
TheTrashHeap - November 5, 2010, 11:51 pm
He's still here folks but he's starting to drip!
ICEMAN - March 29, 2010, 9:01 pm
Don't forget Mr. Heap, I live in the Sonoran Desert. Heh, heh, heh. (don't ask) 5 sunburns for you. ;)
Faceplant31 - March 29, 2010, 1:33 pm
Amsome! Nice one TTH!


TAGS: moar posters will surely cover your low ratings posters
Rating: 3.88/5

More motifakes by Anything

spacedog - March 14, 2010, 7:02 pm
LOL! Just over 4500 votes to go.
Anything - March 14, 2010, 4:41 pm
The joke is in the average. With THAT many votes, even a 1L from you wouldn't change the number
rerun - March 14, 2010, 4:15 pm

what has 4533 votes?



TAGS: and when the barrel is empty we will surely shead a tear so hats off to beer my boys
Rating: 3.62/5

More motifakes by agdaniele

MO - August 29, 2009, 5:20 pm
Mmmmm that's some good beer, mmmmmm that's some good beer!!! ..... you know the rest! 5 tall dark and frothys.



PUBLICITY - She tried to get some for her band, but not many people were pleased with Devo tribute band and a 26 minute bass solo during "Whip-It"

TAGS: porcelina has a really good band im sure
Rating: 3.36/5

More motifakes by CpnKangaroo

BoneCD - January 23, 2010, 7:54 am

PROTEST? - I'm sorry, I could have sworn you said PROSTATE. (Which is precisely where Cubbybear got hit by that fish.)


TAGS: leisure suit larry geek fail
Rating: 2.96/5

More motifakes by BoneCD

jackripper - May 24, 2011, 8:31 am
Used to sit around the office on deployments and play that game for hours. 5L for the memory!

CUBBY'S VACATION - DAY 1 - This looks like a good spot. Soft sand, not too far from the water... And right over there is where the Miss Asian Bikini Goddess competition will be taking place.

TAGS: come back soon cubbybear and be sure to bring your vacation photos
Rating: 2.93/5

More motifakes by Briton of Rose

TheTrashHeap - March 31, 2010, 12:37 am
SHHHHHHHHHHHH booger. Briton is off playing the crying game.
booger13 - March 31, 2010, 12:32 am
@ briton , so he likes Cougars as well ??
Briton of Rose - October 11, 2009, 10:12 am
No, because unlike all the new folks around here, I don't confuse Cubbybear with his mentally (and morally) challenged cousin, Pedobear. Cubby prefers the 19-29 age range. And the 5'6", 36-25-35 physical midrange.
DarkenedAngel - October 10, 2009, 4:07 pm
you mean Little Miss Asian Bikini Contest?


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